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Low-UVC Disinfection Engineering


LUV Systems, Inc.

Gardena, CA

EP Consultants was commissioned to design and engineer Low-UVC light-based disinfection solutions for surfaces and air in common public locations such as schools, restaurants, stores, theaters and stadiums, offices, places of worship, vehicles, transportation.  Nine inventions were developed, and EPC has further engineered the halо̄, an indoor air quality solution to mitigate the risk of airborne infections in public places.  Other products under development include germicidal air quality solutions for personal vehicles and seated events.  For more information, please visit the LUV Systems website.


Environmental Solutions


US Navy


EP Consultants staff were responsible for programmatic technical planning and quality control for the $100MM Navy CLEAN I contract administered in San Diego. A Pareto data analytics study of deliverable performance resulted in process changes and contract award fee was increased from 3 percent to over 8 percent in 9 months. In addition, EPC personnel were responsible for comprehensive air emission inventories and health risk assessments for Camp Pendleton, Miramar, and San Diego Naval Station facilities, and health risk assessments for safe closure and redevelopment of the El Toro Marine Corps air station.


Air Quality Solutions


Huntsman Corporation

Various Locations

EP Consultants has provided a broad range of safety, health, and environmental services for compliance with federal, state, and regional environmental regulation for Huntsman Advanced Materials in Los Angeles and Houston. Services include design and specification of air emission control equipment to keep employees and neighbors safe. Additionally, EP Consultants has supported Huntsman and predecessor facility owners with a myriad of environmental compliance services including air permit modifications, emission inventories and health risk assessments, wastewater and stormwater management, and noise abatement.


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